Hi I'm Jashan, welcome to my website where you will find information about meditation and Taijiquan (Tai Chi) classes that I offer in the Greenwich, Deptford, and Lewisham areas of south London. These are practices that I have found beautiful and valuable in my own life, and that have made my experience of life simpler, deeper, richer, more juicy, more loving, and more fun. 

This website is dedicated to Taijiquan, although I have another website that is about Active Meditation. While these two are from entirely different traditions and lineages, in my personal experience there are many overlaps. Both are meditative / mindfulness practices that utilise the body to enable an easier and more effective path to awareness. As such, they could be referred to as 'embodied mindfulness' practices. There are differences though, Tai Chi is a more refined health and fitness system. Also, Tai Chi is more suited to consistent attendance and practice, whereas the active meditations are also suitable for drop-in participation. The active meditations work with the emotions in a more explicit and stimulative way.


adventures in being


My journey into myself began in earnest in 2002 when I started practicing Capoeira, a Brazilian cultural movement art. This started a beautiful journey for me in my body, bringing me more energy and joy, deeper body awareness, and a heightened sense of vitality and aliveness. 

In 2005 I discovered meditation, and this began a process of deepening and expanding my inner dimension. I have explored meditative and transformative processes in various different traditions including Buddhist and Sufi, but it was the teachings and methods of Osho, a contemporary Indian mystic, that resonated most deeply with me. Meditation has been at the centre of my life ever since.  


In 2008 I discovered what was for me the perfect synthesis of these two themes of embodiment and meditation, when I started practicing Taijiquan (Tai Chi) with Master Wang Hai-Jun. I immediately fell in love with this art and I have been learning under Master Wang ever since. Although I did have a hiatus in my training for a while, due to underlying biomechanical issues in my body. For more information about that little detour in my journey, check this link

​Training Tai Chi has continued the journey with my body I started with Capoeira, and has taken me further and deeper into presence, awareness, aliveness, pleasure, and joy. It continues to be a revelation and I am always intrigued to discover the next stage in this path. Taijiquan has also become my primary meditative practice.