what is meditation

​For me, meditation is about cultivating moment to moment awareness. Becoming 'present' in each thing that I am doing at any given moment. Meditation is not something that can be done, rather it is a state in which we can be, irrespective of what we are doing on the outside. We tend to live with a constant stream of thoughts passing through out consciousness in a blur... memories, plans, dreams, hopes, anxieties, reliving situations, fantasies, etc... all of these thoughts distract us from really 'being' in any moment. Starting to become aware of this stream of thinking is the first step in meditation...

Meditation is not something that can be learned in the traditional sense of the word. Rather it is a space that exists within all of us, but is buried under layers and layers of thoughts and emotions. If we clear away some of the rubbish we've accumulated in our minds over the years, we will find the space of meditation, or mindfulness, waiting to be discovered.

It is a space of stillness and peace that is hidden at the centre of each one of us. Finding a way to bring this space more and more into our day to day lives is what meditation means to me.

active meditation

The term 'active meditation' is a label attached to Osho's meditation techniques that he designed to target the difficult issues that many modern people have in trying to understand and experience the space of mindfulness. 

Many people find that the active meditation approach provides a much smoother and less frustrating path into mindfulness. Modern people usually have more anxiety than ancient people stored in their minds and bodies. Active meditations approach this problem by using some physical activity to rejuvenate and calm the mind and body, before arriving at the space of mindfulness.

The aim is to cultivate not just meditative awareness, but also a celebratory approach to life and relationships.  Many people experience strong and deep personal growth through active meditation other similar techniques.  


Osho was a great meditation teacher from india. He developed really interesting approach to meditation that he called active meditation. His meditations are different to normal and are really good.